Welcome to my professional activities page

I am a computer professional who also has a background in, and deep love of, science and mathematics. I love to architect elegant and beautiful code that is testable, understandable, and easy to work with.

I am, at heart a system builder, who loves complex systems with many interacting parts, whether it be in robotics, computer vision, or enterprise software applications. These systems drive the need for design elegance and provide a huge opportunity for interesting abstract problem solving.

Personal overview

Quick synopsis of skills and domain experience:

  • Enterprise Software Architecture
  • Skills
    • C#, .Net, LINQ,
    • C++, STL, Boost
    • TFS, Subversion, Git, CVS, ClearCase, AccuRev
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing
  • Robotics and Computer Vision
  • Development of advanced video tracking, target identification, etc. for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and SBIR contracts.
  • I have written proposals for U.S. Army, Navy, and other defense agencies in highly competitive contract bids for advanced applied artificial intelligence and computer vision projects. For four of these projects I was the technical lead, doing the design, implementation, and analysis of performace. As technical lead I supervised small teams of scientists and developers, and acted as their mentor.